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Why use a CRM

As the world of life sciences spins at what can feel like out-of-control speed, sales and marketing teams in the industry forge ahead in their quest to find the holy grail of technology solutions to give them the competitive advantage they need.
Their search for systems that will make on-the-job life easier and more productive continues in earnest. There are even some who say they may have found the answer, and for them it somewhat surprisingly lies just on the other side of their CRM.

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ITegrators Simple CRM

When Your CRM Isn’t Simple Enough

While many companies might have a CRM in place, their people still find that they need something more to help them quickly retrieve information and act on it. That’s because the truth is that while CRMs can be great at tracking information, they are typically not designed to facilitate sales processes. As a result, CRMs are not well suited to help sales professionals leverage much of the most valuable data they have available including coverage data, demographic information, client preferences and more.

Specialties' market penetration

Medical Representatives
Sales Personnel
Delivery men



Our solutions are designed with the end-user in mind: we design for understanding, design for adoption, design for users.


Our solution allows its users to plan by target client, by target region, or by any other filter you can think of for clients.


The strength in our reports is taht we understand exactly the importance of the information for users: we provide different reports for different profiles of users. We can also help create a report just for you.

Evidence Recording

The system allows you to upload file attachements as evidence. File attachments are documents (Marketing Collateral, Sales Quotes/Orders/Invoices, SLA, Images, and others) that can be associated to the client visit


Anything from planning tracking, to attendance tracking is in the system. You can track employees' locations, you can track their performance, and you can track your clients.


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